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Osteotomes developed for Lateral Bone Condensation of the closed Sinus Elevation Techniques. These are used in Maxillary Areas or Upper Jaw region which are difficult to reach. We have specially developed the Stopper for Easy use. We have put two stoppers to avoid the Back Movement of the First Stopper.

Concave OsteotomesThese are made of NON MAGNETIC 316L Stainless Steel(NON RUSTING)

Diameter Measurements:
1.9mm to 2.5mm
2.4mm to 3mm
2.9mm to 3.5mm
3.3mm to 4mm                                                                                                                          
3.8mm to 4.5mm

5mm, 7mm, 8.5mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm, 15mm..


An internal sinus lift is made through the maxillary jaw. This technique is often used when there is minimal bone shrinkage or when a single implant is placed. Furthermore, it is used for increasing the density of poorly mineralised and relatively malleable bone via condensation, so that reliable results which remain stable long term can be achieved. The osteotomes are designed for penetrating the sinus floor in a controlled manner and raising the mucous membrane, so that adequate amounts of bone augmentation material can be placed to ensure afterwards that the implant is retained firmly.

Diameter Measurements:

1) 1.9mm to 2.5mm        2) 2.4mm to 3.0mm

3) 2.9mm to 3.5mm        4) 3.3mm to 4.0mm   

5) 3.8mm to 4.5mm

Markings: 5mm, 7mm, 8.5mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm, 15mm..


Lightweight, Wide Diameter Stainless Steel Hand Instruments Lift the Sinus Membrane for Bone Augmentation Procedures.

Sinus Elevators:

• Used to aide in the lifting up of the sinus cavity   for implant site preparation.
• Elevators feature a more round, smooth tip for lifting the sinus with minimal puncture risk.

Sinus Curettes:

Sinus Curettes feature a cutting edge for scraping purposes, but can also be used to lift sinus in preparation for implant procedures.

* We Check all our instruments before sale.

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  • Dulled & Polished Edges For Safety
  • Lightweight Feather Weight For Excellent Tactile Feel.

A) Sinus Lift Elevator No.1 (Short Tip 9mm)

  • To separate and elevate the sinus membrane. 
  • Triple angulated tip permits easy access to any where at any directions.
  • Short or long tip can be used depend on accessibility. 

B) Sinus Lift Elevator No. 2 (Long Tip 15mm)

  • To separate and elevate the sinus membrane. 
  • Triple angulated tip permits easy access to any where at any directions. 
  • Short or long tip can be used depend on accessibility. 

  • C) Sinus Lift Elevator No. 3

    The Obtuse Angle will facilitate Easy Access to the Mesial, Distal, Superior & Inferior Aspects.

    D) Membrane Separator + Graft Material Spoon 

    Graft Material Spoon (8mm x 15mm)To carry the bone graft material.

    Membrane Separator/Lifter 5mmTo separate sinus membrane at initial stage.

    E) Freer Elevator Curved 3mm/5mm

    • To separate and elevate the sinus membrane.
    • To pack the bone graft material into the sinus cavity.

    F) Tapered Graft Packer 3.0mm / 4.0mm + Depth Gauge 1.7mm

    Tapered Graft Packer 3.0mm / 4.0mm

    • It is used in Maxillary Sinus Operation to complete the hole. 
    • Lift up the initial maxillary sinus membrane and pack the Bone.
    Depth Gauge 1.7mm
    • Diameter: 1.7mm, for measurement of Depth at the Implant Site.

    G) Pikos Graft Packer Angled 4.0mm/6.0mm
    • Concave Tips. 
    • Tip Diameter: 4mm / 6mm.
    • Excellent in Sinus Condensation. 


    • Chisels enables you to split the bone if necessary or gain bone shavings.
    • It is used to help provide autogenous bone when grafting and it is slightly curved for difficult to reach areas.
    • These Split Chisel removes the need for drilling the osetotomy.
    • These are available in curvature for ease of use.
    • The Offset Pattern is useful for working at the Posterior.

    Thickness Available
    1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm.

    Tip Material Used:
    Titanium Grade 5.

    Non Magnetic Stainless Steel 316L.


    • Chisels enables you to split the bone if necessary or gain bone shavings.
    • It is used to help provide autogenous bone when grafting and it is slightly curved for difficult to reach areas.
    • These Split Chisel removes the need for drilling the osetotomy.
    • These are available in curvature for ease of use.

    Sizes Available
    3mm Straight
    4mm Straight
    5mm Straight
    6mm Straight


    • Offset design for easy access in difficult areas.
    • Used to expand narrow alveolar bone for implant surgery.
    • First, make alveolar bone fracture with bone chesel, and then use spreader for expanding.
    • T-bar designed handle will be very helpful to transmit power.

    Available Diameter:
    2.2 mm Flat
    2.8 mm Flat
    3.5 mm Flat
    3.5 mm Round


    • We have taken special care to balance the weight of the Mallet at the centre. This will help for more accuracy and easier usage.
    • The Aluminium Handle are Anodised to Blue Color Coating to Improve the life of the Instrument. It is autoclaveable..
    • Mallet with Aluminium Handle.. Also Available in Stainless Steel Handle.
    • Teflon Head Size is  25 mm Diameter. 
    • Overall length is 18.5cm.
    • The Mallet head is also available in smaller size(Diameter: 22mm), This                 further reduces the weight.
    • We have also provided with the Easy Grip Type Handle for better Grip..

    Weight Approx. 130 Grams..


    • The Bone Well is used for containing Bone Fragments or Mixing synthetic materials together.
    • For mixture of autologous and heterologous bone material. 
    • It provides sterile vessel. 

    Diameter: 30mm.

    Material Used: High Quality Non Magnetic Stainless Steel 316L.

    Weight: 100 Grams


    Bone Crusher For Fast And Easy Crushing Of Cortical Autogenous Bone.

    • Easy Assembly & Cleaning
    • No Loss Of Bone Material
    • Bone Collected In Easy To Use Dish
    • Collected Bone Chips Ready To Use For Bone Augmentation.

    The tip have 5mm Thick Titanium Material. This helps to retrict the rusting problem of the Crusher. Also the weight for Titanium is very less compared to Stainless Steel. 

    The Diameter of the Top Part is 35mm.
    The Diameter of the Collecting Part is 40mm.


    Bone Morselizer with replaceable Titanium cutting surfaces, 16 mm diameter, for preparation of autogenous bone. The size of the bone material can be adjusted by the adjusting screw.

    • The bone mill is easily detachable for cleaning and sterilization.
    • Titanium Bone Morselizer are Detachable & Exchangeable.
    • Easy to take apart Bone MOrselizer Insert, Therefore easy to clean.
    • No loss of Bone Material.
    • Specially designed new forceps, ehich allows parallel closing of the working parts.
    • Maximum milling result.
    • Stop screw avoids direct contact of the milling parts, due to this protection the milling parts will last longer.
    • The bone cracker Morselizer is also made from Titanium and is used for larger bone pieces. The diameter of the bone cracker is 40 mm.
    • The two crushing heads are made of Titanium for Lighter Weight & Longer Life.


    Scraper is an ideal tool for quick and easy harvesting autologous bone material. It is used for scraping, collection and transplantation of autologous bone. Saws, and trephine bone filters are no longer necessary. During the scraping of the bone is collected in a chamber, and simultaneously mixed with the blood. The bone material can be implanted directly. Often the collected bone material is mixed with bone grafting and bone graft material to use their osteoinductive effect.

    The handle is made of Non Magnetic High Quality Stainless Steel Grade 316L.

    The Blade is made of Titanium A5 Grade.


    • Slender metal cannula for surgical operations, also suitable for large quantities of blood.
    • These cannulas from metal are ideal forsurgical operations because of their slim design. Despite the slimness, their shape allows to aspirate large quantities of blood. The reason for this is to be found in the diameter: 3.0 and 5.0 mm respectively. Perfect for application. The length is 18.5 cm. 
    • Available Tip Size: 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm.


    • Syringes designed for loading from the tip to reduce clogging.
    • Syringe used for “Tamp and pack” method for placement of graft material into oral cavity.
    • For the application of bone substitute materials - both bone grafts and synthetic materials. 

    Available Diameter:

    2.5mm Opening, Curved, Stainless Steel..   Holds approx. 1.2 cc

    3.5mm Opening, Curved, Stainless Steel..   Holds approx. 1.6 cc

    4.5mm Opening, Curved, Stainless Steel..   Holds approx. 2.1 cc

    5.0mm Opening, Curved, Stainless Steel..   Holds approx. 2.5 cc


    • The Implantology Caliper provides the surgeon with information which can be required during dental treatment.
    • Measures thickness, diameters, lengths of particular items during dental treatment.
    • It is Used as measuring instruments in preparation for an implant procedure.
    • Designed to find the depth, width and space between teeth which may be required for various dental procedures.
    • Available in Straight & Curved.
    • Measurement: 0-25mm.


    • These right-angled calipers are ideal for measuring bone through soft tissue. They show you an approximation of the bone needed for remapping to assure you that there aren’t any contours on the ridge. They’re especially useful for one piece, one stage implants.
    • It is used for distance measurement of natural teeth, and for the positioning of implants.
    • Like our regular Castroviejo Calipers, the quality of these right-angled calipers is outstanding. You can pay more, but you won’t find better calipers anywhere else.


    The paralleling guide is used for aligning 2 interforaminal implants in the edentolous mandible to the median plane. A hole is drilled in the middle of the mandible using a pilot drill, which is easily aligned to the median plane. The distance to the middle can be accurately transferred to the opposite side by swivelling the fitted paralleling guide.

    Parallel Drilling Guide, For easy Parallel Implant insertion. (Diameter 2.1mm for the Pilot Drill & 1.85mm size of Guide Pin). Insert the Paralleling Drill Guide into the First Pilot Drill with the Guiding Pin. With the flexible joint a precise adjustment for the following Polit Drilling is Possible.

    Material Used: Titanium(A5 Grade)

    Titanium is Preferred as they are Light Weighted, Non Rusting & Longer Life than most of the other material.


    Self-Tensioning Pliers for implants, screws, abutments, etc., with diameters of 1.3mm, 1.9 mm, 3.0 mm. It is made from Stainless Steel or Titanium. These are Tensioning tweezers with locking.

    They are semi-sharp, spoon-shape tweezers for the safe holding or removal of tissue, for example for removal of healed tissue over implants.


    Composite Instrument Julldent 401

    Highly Polished Extremely Thin Flexible Blades are apposed for easy handling of Composite materials and Interproximal Contouring Reverse Double End Blades with ideal width and length for initial placement and carving of composite. Can also be used for packing gingival retraction cord. Application II,III,IV,V.

    Composite Instrument Julldent 402

    Combination of medium sized blade with small condensor tip for universal adaptability. Ideal for placement, layering and general contouring. Application I,II,III,IV,V.

    Composite Instrument Julldent 403

    Filling Instrument for Small/Medium restorations designed with optimal size and shape to provide improved filling. Rounded Cone Shaped instrument to provide improved contact forming for small and medium Class II Restoration.

    Composite Instrument Julldent 404

    Uniquely shaped blades with curved and rounded tips, for adding and shaping composite material on desired area of facial incisors. Other side of instrument includes springly blade(0.2mm + 0.12mm) for working exactly and conviniently.

    Composite Instrument Julldent 405

    Used to blend material for final contouring to achieve sculpting of areas like grooves fissures or pits. Can also be used to form occlusal anatomy other side of instrument having small curved blade for thinning and shaping composite material at the gingival areas.

    Composite Instrument Julldent 406

    For application of Plastic Filling material and composites. Combination of Plugger/Ball for Condensation, Modeling, Contouring and Fixation of inlays during the polymerization process. Other side of instrument with rounded cone is for forming occusal surface in molar and pre-molar teeth.


    Gracey Curettes 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 are used on the anterior sextants of teeth. 7/8 and 9/10 are used on the buccal and lingual portions of posterior teeth. 11/12 and 15/16 are used on the mesial portions of posterior teeth. 13/14 and 17/18 are used on the distal portions of posterior teeth. The curettes are designed for use in specific areas, but it is possible to use them in other areas as well. When the instrument is inserted the last part of the shank of the curette is oblique to the tooth surface. 

    Gracey Curettes 1/2:

    The Gracey 1/2 is used for the removal of subgingival plaque, calculus and rootplaning in the upper and lower anterior areas.

    Gracey Curettes 11/12

    The curette 11/12 is used for the removal of subgingival plaque, calculus and rootplaning of the mesial surfaces in the premolar and molar areas.

    Gracey Curettes 13/14:

    The curette 13/14 is used for the removal of subgingival plaque, calculus and rootplaning of distal surfaces in the (pre)molar areas.

    Gracey Curettes 15/16:

    The curette 15/16 is used for the removal of subgingival plaque, calculus and rootplaning of the mesial surfaces in the (pre)molar areas. The more accentuated angulation of the shank makes it easier to access the posterior areas.


    Periotomes are used for carefully detaching the marginal gums and the desmodontal fibres.

    We produce periotomes as monobloc-models, i. e. made from one piece, or as detachable tips with extra handle.


    Bone expander drills are an alternative to osteotomes for the expansion and condensing of the atrophic mandible and maxilla. They are also an alternative to the maxillary sinus elevation technique. Bone expanders improve the clinical success by improving stability, maintaining bone density and increasing fixation.

    Usage and Application :

    • It is used for single implant with narrow bone width or Weak ossein to expand bone or upgrade ossein.

    Direction For Use:
    1. Make a initial hole with 1.8mm or 2.0mm drill.
    2. Expand the hole using the instrument of desired size.
    3. Using the disk our company has developed, the opening direction can be controlled.
    4. If the distance is too short to interfere with neighboring tooth, the distance can be extended using extension tool.


    * The Tissue Punch provides a precise easy method of Soft Tissue removal to insure positive seating of healing abutments.

    * Diameter of instrument is designed to extend over the implant for simplified Tissue Removal.

    * It can be Used for Tissue Biopsies.

    * It has a Honed Cutting Edge.

    * Material: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.

    Available in Different Sizes:

    Straight: 3mm
    Straight: 3.5mm
    Straight: 4mm
    Straight: 4.5mm
    Straight: 5mm
    Offset: 3mm
    Offset: 3.5mm
    Offset: 4mm
    Offset: 4.5mm
    Offset: 5mm


    Angle Of Blade Adjusts To Easily Get Around Corners
    • Adjustment Sets Blade From Straight To Back Angled
    • Locks In At 90º, 60º, 30º, Straight, -30º, -60º Angles